EPFC Women's Football Club

Starting May 2022

Welcome to Europa Point Women's Football Club.

We are thrilled to announce that for the first time in our club's history, we will be entering a team into the Women's League starting in October 2022.

Join a fun, diverse and open-minded community of footballers and help us build a beautiful sporting culture. We are looking for players of all skill levels including beginners and experienced players.

All girls aged from 15 years are welcome to come along and attend our training sessions.

Training begins in May and will take place during the evening.

Fancy coming down to a training session?

Please email info@europapointfc.com with your name and phone number and we will get back to you with the details.

We look forward to welcoming you to our club!

Our Squad

Full Squad List


1. Daniel Tudela  – Goalkeeper (profile and stats)
12. San Mustafa – Goalkeeper (profile and stats)


3. Dion Hammond – Centre-Back (profile and stats)

5. Tarik Chrayeh – Centre-Back (profile and stats)

6. Carlos Pomares – Left-Back (profile and stats)

15. Antony Moulds – Left-Back (Captain) (profile and stats)

0. Lee Ciantar – Right-Back (profile and stats)

20. John Stewart – Right-Back (profile and stats)


4. Josef Webber – Midfielder (profile and stats)

21. Jacob Webber – Midfielder (profile and stats)

24. Christian Ramirez Cortes – Midfielder (profile and stats)

8. Julio Bado – Defensive Midfield (profile and stats)

27. James Chiles-Cowell – Defensive Midfield (profile and stats)

– Daniel Rodriguez – Central Midfield (profile and stats)

16. Omar El Yettefti – Central Midfield (profile and stats)

18. Pablo Arjona – Central Midfield (profile and stats)

2. Benjamin Dixon – Right Midfield (profile and stats)

14. Jayan Brennan – Right Midfield (profile and stats)

22. Jamie-Luke McCarthy – Right Midfield (profile and stats)

10. Mario Martinez – Attacking Midfield (profile and stats)

23. Bradley Hockin – Attacking Midfield (profile and stats)


– James Adams – Centre-Forward (profile and stats)

7. Alejandro Serralvo – Centre-Forward (profile and stats)

9. Dylan Hayes – Centre-Forward (profile and stats)

11. Luis Pérez – Centre-Forward (profile and stats)

Our Fixtures and Results

Games we've played and due to play in 2020